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robert dickinson

This is an a very well piece. Thank you so much
My son is in Hit and it really borught things home


Thank you. My Fiance has just been deployed to Hit. I've had a hard time finding any information on it... this is the most I can gather. I wish I could say it made me feel warm inside, but really it just filled me with disapointment. Perhaps what my fiance said was right: He'll have little oppurtunity to call or email while there due to lack of facilities... It was nice to get a description of the place, though.


Thanks. My son just arrived at Camp Hit. Although his is Army and it is months later, I am sure not much has changed. This well written piece has made me feel closer to him...


Thank you for this report. It brought life to the scarce information i could find about the place. And i will read it over and over again as i sit here and wait for my love to finally come home..

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